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1. What is Online Solutions for Educators?
Online Solutions for Educators™ (OS4E) offers a suite of web-based products designed to enhance and facilitate communication between schools, teachers, parents and students. Our products include:

a. 30-Minute Websites For Teachers™ - Customized classroom websites that allow teachers to create and publish information pertinent to their classroom.

b. Pupil Pages™ - Online Student Portfolios provide and organized and stylized way of presenting accomplishments.

In addition, OS4E offers customized solutions to meet any school district or school building needs.

2. How can your products benefit our school district? All schools are looking for ways to improve communication between parents, teachers and students. Using the web offers 24/7 access to information. Up until now, teachers needed to devote quite a bit of time and possess a certain level of technical skill to create and maintain a website. Our products require so little time to maintain and no technical skills whatsoever. Thus, teachers can get information out to the families quickly and easily.

3. There are several free services out there that offer similar products. Why should I consider OS4E for our school district? There are several products available on the web that allow you to do SOME of the things our products offer. However, none of them are as intuitive to use, or provide the scope of features that our products do. Our products provide a level of consistency throughout the school district that you can't achieve when teachers are choosing among various free services. We also provide extensive product support that just isn't available from a free service.

4. Do we have to buy any special software? No. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. Our software resides on a web server that we maintain, so you don't have to worry about installation or purchasing web editing software.

5. What about hosting? Do we have to move our current website? No, you don't have to move your current site. We can integrate our products with your current site (or multiple sites) without having to move a thing.

6. We have several buildings in our district. Do we need to purchase your products for each of our schools? 30-Minute Websites For Teachers™ is sold in either a 5 or more user plan, or for an individual teacher as an annual subscription. Pupil Pages™ carries a yearly subscription fee and a fee for each individual student site.

7. Are there any recurring fees? You purchase our products on an annual subscription, but you only pay for the number of users from year to year. Aside from you subscription, there are no additional fees.

8. Are parents and students considered "users" and do they need subscriptions? Subscriptions apply to the 30-Minute Websites For Teachers™ and Pupil Pages. Parents and students are not considered "users," only teachers are considered "users" for 30-Minute Websites For Teachers™. Only students are considered users for Pupil Pages™.

9. What about technical support? We provide the technical support you need to keep your site up and running. We also provide online help and free support via email to teachers using 30-Minute Websites For Teachers™, and Pupil Pages™ products. Phone support is available free for any technical related issues you may have for as long as your district is an active subscriber for one representative from your district free of charge.

10. Will we be entitled to any upgrades to your products after we purchase? Active subscribers are entitled to any upgrades to our products, free of charge.

11. What upgrades and features are you planning for the future? We have many exciting plans in the works. We welcome any suggestions from our users as to how to improve our products.

If you have a general question about the OS4E product line, please write us at

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