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30-Minute Websites for Teachers™

1. Is the set-up fee for the 30-Minute Websites for Teachers per school building? We offer two different pricing plans. With our DISTRICT plan, the school district pays a one time setup fee which allows them to create an unlimited number of school accounts. For single schools who wish to purchase independantly of their school district, we offer our SCHOOL plan. With the SCHOOL plan, the school pay a smaller one time set up fee.

2. How can we integrate all of the teacher websites into our school or district site? Integration with your school or district website is simple. The program ships with a mechanism that automatically updates a central page when the teacher has set up his or her own website. Teacher websites list alphabetically. The only thing the school or district has to do is link to this dynamically generated page from the school or district site. We can facilitate this integration of it can be handled by your district or school technology coordinator.

3. How do I get my user name and password to start creating my website? Your school technology coordinator is responsible for setting up the initial usernames and passwords. They should give you the appropriate information upon product purchase.

4. My links aren't showing up on the page. What happened? A possible solution to this problem is that you have chosen the same color for both the secondary color and the link color. Make sure your link color does not match the primary or secondary color chosen in the Preferences section when you create your website. If this does not work, please contact technical support at

5. Do I have to worry about sizing my pictures? No, you don't have to do anything special to your images before uploading them. Just be certain that they are either GIF or JPG format. The system will automatically resize them proportionately and optimize them so that they download quickly for the user.

6. What are Special Pages? Special Pages are one-page web sites that you can use to highlight field trips, student work, special events, and more. You can add an unlimited amount of content to the page, as well as upload three pictures. You can also designate a separate color for Special Pages in the Preferences section. Links to Special Pages are found off the Home Page.

7. Why can't I see the picture that I uploaded to my Special Page? When adding pictures to Special Pages and News & Announcements, you need to first upload the pictures, and then you must place the picture where you want it to appear in the text. To do this, type in "<picture1>" "<picture2>" and/or "<picture3>" in the content field, where you want the picture to appear in your story. You can upload your picture but it will not show up until you tell it where to go by typing in the appropriate placeholders.

8. Where do I add my contact information? Information that appears in the Contact section is entered through Preferences. Login first, select the link to Preferences, and then enter your contact information in the appropriate fields.

9. If I change a template after I have already created my web site, will I have to re-enter all of my content? No. You can change web site templates at any time by going to Preferences and selecting the radio button next to the new template you want to use.

10. Can I add links to web sites in any content field? Yes. Many pages offer the link button in the text editing tool. Just highlight the text you want to link and click the hyperlink button. You will see a pop up window where you will enter the web address.

11. Can I cut and paste content I've created in Word into 30-Minutes? Absolutely. You can cut and paste any text from Word, Notepad, or text-based editor directly into content/text fields. However, sometimes you may find that your word document formatting is not interacting well with your web page. In this case, you may want to first save your word document as a text only or rich text format file before copying and pasting.

12. Do I have to add the http:// in the reference link field when I type in a link? No. The http:// is coded into the program behind the scenes so you don't have to type it in when adding a reference link.

13. Can I really choose any colors for my web site? Yes you can! You can choose a primary and secondary color, as well as a link color and a color for your Special Pages. From a design perspective, it is recommended that the primary color be darker than the secondary color. Links should be their own, different, color and should not match the primary, secondary, or Special Pages color. This ensures that they appear correctly on the page.

14. What is the Webquest Builder for? The Webquest Builder is a tool that you can use to create any kind of website that is completely customized to your own needs. These sitesare linked to your 30-Minute site and are typically used to create lesson plans that include text, image, document downloads and links, but they can be used for any purpose. The navigation menu for these sites are completely customizable. The initial set up also includes a rubric page. These sites are linked from your classes and assignment section of your website.

If you have a question about the 30-Minute Web site for Teachers, please write us at

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